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Chrystal & Hill Giving at Christmas with The Wise Group

Chrystal & Hill Giving at Christmas with The Wise Group

Chrystal & Hill were delighted to head over to The Wise Group in Glasgow today to contribute £££’s and gifts 🎁 to their donations for vulnerable families at Christmas time. There’s going to be so many happy hearts and faces 😊
A MASSIVE well done to  Emma @ The Wise Group! And thank you for allowing us to be a part of it!
And a HUGE thank you! To all of our clients and staff for contributing towards such a heartwarming and supportive cause 😊
Last day for donations is Friday 14th December for anyone who’d like to get involved!

Contributing The Gift of Christmas for Charity

Contributing The Gift of Christmas for Charity

All throughout the year we actively give to charitable causes. This time last year we were gearing up for the Glasgow Santa Dash in aid of the Beatson Cancer Charity and we proudly raised over £1000.00!

This year we’re delighted to support one of our long standing clients The Wise Group


We have pledged to donate £5 for every £100 of our Second Hand Furniture Sales to their Christmas collection. This extra contribution will enable them to spread even more Christmas joy.

The idea behind their ‘Gift of Christmas’ drive is to give to those facing a Christmas without a dinner, something most of us take for granted these days. Our MD, Kara Cunningham, was touched by a social media post she seen, which prompted her to contact The Wise Group and offer a helping hand.

They are also running a gift drive. Staff can nominate individuals or families who may not receive any gifts this year – from families who are living in temporary accommodation, facing fuel poverty,  to people their community justice team has supported . A gift tag is placed on the tree detailing who the person or family is, what age they are and what they like, their hobbies and interests. These gift tags then form a profile of the person we’re helping, which can be used to buy them a gift and their children.

So next time you’re in the shops and picking up some advent calendars, selection boxes or any other ‘Christmassy’ thing…. spare a thought for those less fortunate and get in touch to see how you can help us help them and make a child smile brightly at Christmas this year!


Feedback Pleasantly Received From a Happy Customer

Feedback Pleasantly Received From a Happy Customer

Our Sales rep Graham Walker received some positive feedback from a recent client on the service he and our installation team provided on a recent project:

“Hi Graham, Just wanted to inform you that was very impressed with the high standard of workmanship and professionalism shown by your two employees yesterday. They were a pleasure and could not do enough to help anyone.

Thank you again and please pass on my thanks to the team”

It’s always great to hear positive feedback on a job well done in the Office Furniture World! Well done guys…..

Meeting The Designers

Meeting the Designers

Meeting the Designers – Our new showroom piece made it’s first public appearance at the Designer Connections ‘Meet the Designer’ Event in the Lighthouse in Glasgow.  The Figaro armchair by DAMS is just one of the featured products as part of our joint Social Spaces venture where we have teamed up with the manufacturer to promote products to Architects and Designers.

meeting the designers


The office doesn’t have to be so formal these days ….. sometimes a casual, relaxed spot is required to really collaborate or brain storm away from the hustle and bustle. We chose our brand colours but you can have it any way you like! Some of the products could also easily fit in with a residential environment, like a guest room or hallway….. it’s all about the colours and the fabrics! We chose to pay real attention to detail by adding a contrast stitch to the grey fabric which naturally enhances and accentuates the soft curves of the sculpted design of the Figaro Chair.

We made some really great connections at this event and already have a few follow up appointments arranged to go over prospective projects!

A Quiet Space in an Open Plan Office

A Quiet Space in an Open Plan Office

Orangebox Airea 110 Round Meeting Pod

Over 70 percent of workers now work in an open floor plan office. While these workplace designs can be great for encouraging collaboration and creativity, they can also harm productivity and employee well-being.

With Meeting Pods offices can have the best of both worlds—open floor collaboration with the option for private work and meeting spaces. If you’re interested in easily incorporating private spaces into your existing office design, Meeting Pods are the perfect solution for you.

We currently have TWO rarely available Orangebox Airea meeting pods!! These are perfect for providing the opportunity to divide open spaces and create closed or partially closed rooms for up to 4 people! Includes integrated power, lighting and AC.

Employees benefit from having quiet spaces where they can focus on individual tasks without distraction. Introverted employees also benefit from quiet spaces away from open plans that can overwhelm and drain them. Meeting Pods offer an easy solution to the problem of open plan offices. With Meeting Pods you can provide your employees with the space they need to focus and be productive whether it’s alone or in small groups.



Opting for Second Hand CAN be Beautiful

Opting for Second Hand CAN be Beautiful

Opting for second hand…. Go green ♻️ Save Trees 🌳 Save Pounds 💷 For the same outcome! This lovely walnut boardroom table and the faux leather conference chairs give this room the perfect finish.

Opting for Second Hand CAN be Beautiful


Happy client 🙌🏻 Thank you to AiA Real Estate for their continued custom.

New in – Hood Mesh Seating

Our new Ergonomic Mesh Operator Chairs in our Glasgow showroom!

If you spend lengthy periods sitting at your desk, have back problems or want to prevent back problems then using the right chair is a long term investment for back health!

Feel free to come in and try them out or contact us for further details. 

Glasgow Santa Dash Complete

Glasgow Santa Dash Complete

It was a bitter cold morning, -7 to be exact! When The Chrystal Gems left their warm and cosy homes on Sunday morning ❄️

But we did it!

Glasgow Santa Dash complete, in aid of Beatson Cancer Charity 2017.

With the help and kindness of our supporters we’ve managed to smash our combined target of £1,000!!! And it’s still rising.

Glasgow Santa Dash CompleteWe’ve finally thawed out and we’re overwhelmed with the support and donations we’ve received for our efforts. You can still donate to our Just Giving page Chrystal Gems.

Santa Dash 2017 We’re Raising Cash Again!

The girls at Chrystal & Hill are raising money for this wonderful charity. We’ve all been personally affected in some way, shape or form by cancer and it’s a tough time when going through the shock , treatment and recovery cancer can inflict on an individual and their family. So dig deep, donate and support us in our mission to support not only the research for a cure , but to help families who find themselves in financial difficulty during trying times. We’re doing the Santa Dash in Glasgow on Sunday 10th December. Please donate and help us smash our £5k target!!

More so, for every £100.00 spent on our goods and services, MD Kara Lamont Cunningham has offered a Chrystal & Hill donation of 10% So what are you waiting for?? Dig Deep! 😁 Support The Chrystal Gems HERE

santa dash 2017

Want to join our mission?? pm us to add your name and join in the fun.

The Rise of the Mesh

The Rise of the Mesh

Keeping employees comfortable while they work is an important aspect of keeping them happy. In general, happy employees are more productive employees, so ensuring the happiness of employees makes good business sense. There is a good deal that can done to make employees comfortable while they work. One important way to achieve this is by providing the right furniture, with chairs being among the most important furnishings.

Employees tend to favour mesh chairs in particular, so office furniture buyers should consider these.

The rise of the mesh

Key Benefits and features:

  • Ventilation
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Support

Good mesh chairs will keep your employees comfortable while they work, which is likely to increase their productivity. They also add a bit of style to the office work-space, which can raise office morale and make it a more enjoyable place to work.

First Impressions Matter so Make Your Reception Area Stand Out

First impressions matter so make your reception area stand out by choosing wisely.

Creating an office space that fuels creativity and promotes productivity for your employees is a must for any business. Creating excellent first impressions on visitors and clients is paramount! You don’t just want to keep your employees happy and productive, you want your initial space to be empowering, inviting, comfortable and appealing.

The office reception area in any working space is where potential clients get their first impression of your business. And first impressions always count. How your space appears has an important impact on how clients and visitors view your company. The importance of sending the right message through your design and product choice is key.


Focal point – A good, sturdy, durable and attractive reception unit is an added organic feature to a functional work space. Eye catching to the visitor and empowering for employees, it’s one thing you should consider seriously when designing your space. Adding your logo colours in to the upholstery of seating and/or incorporating it in to the finishing of your reception counter is a great way to build on your branding presence. People will talk about it once they’ve left the building. Word of mouth from people’s impression of you as a business is a great way to attract return and new business. Add a touch of background music to keep the ambience just right whilst your visitors wait in your professional but welcoming ‘home’.

First Impressions Matter so Make Your Reception Area Stand Out

Chrystal & Hill have experience in helping you on your journey to create the right effect for you. From the initial space planning, all the way to fabric and colour selection and the final install. See our range of products and contact us with your requirements and ideas.

First Impressions Matter so Make Your Reception Area Stand Out

We’re here to help!

Why Buying Second Hand Office Furniture Can Benefit You

Why Buying Second Hand Office Furniture Can Benefit You

Used furniture – or ‘pre-loved’ as we like to refer – is obviously cheaper than buying new. It’s a fact. But the plus side is that a lot of used office furniture can still appear brand new. Whether you’re re-decorating your office or just starting up, used office furniture can not only give you the look you want at the price you can afford, it also allows unique customisation.

Benefits include:

  • Low Cost
  • Customisation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Quicker delivery


When we buy in used office furniture we always take in to consideration the condition of each item. We check thoroughly to make sure all aspects of each item is in complete working order and looks the part aesthetically. Of course, we do advise to keep in mind when buying used office furniture, aside from the above mentioned benefits,  that in future you may expand, add to to your workforce and need to buy more and this is when the same styles may be less available a year down the line! However we’ll always have something similar – and this is where customistaion and uniqueness comes in.

So, need to know where to get the best deals in used Office Furniture? Call us on Glasgow – 0141-880-6600  Stirling – 01786-447111 or visit our used office furniture section of our website.

Future Proof Designs 2017

Future Proof Designs for 2017

Redesigning your office, work-space or organisation? You should consider  your products carefully which ‘future proofs’ your design and utilises your budget efficiently.

New and changing environments have increased our awareness to pay particular interest in flexible layouts and furniture that will adapt easily to evolving requirements. Modular soft seating, modular workbenches, desk pods, meet point tables, collaborative and breakout furniture, and acoustic elements are just some examples of smart choices to support a well designed, high functioning and adaptable work-space.

Future Proof Designs for 2017

Think Smart, Think to the Future!

Young Author a Huge Fan of Chrystal & Hill

Young Author a Huge Fan of Chrystal & Hill

Yesterday, our Sales Manager Andy McKenzie had the pleasure of meeting one of our youngest customers, Olivia Newlands from Glasgow. Olivia is a budding author at the tender age of 9 and after choosing her first professional writers desk and an interesting chat with Andy, Olivia went home and wrote a wonderful piece on Chrystal & Hill and her new friend Andy and his 20+ years with us. You heard the name here first! Here’s her shorty story –


Chrystal & Hill Meltdown

He stood stacking office chairs as usual. ‘Big Andy’ had been doing this routine every day for 20 years. Not that he didn’t mind. He always wondered why he’d stayed for so long.

Suddenly as he stacked the 6th chair the bundle collapsed on top of him. Big Andy tumbled to the ground as many of his fellow workers surrounded him in a bustle and a panic. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. Andy had extreme luck as he survived with only a broken leg to show for it. But he was in for worse fate. As he reached the hospital he fell in to a coma.

After many months waiting for Andy to wake up, he did. Lying in the hospital bed, he felt dazed and confused. What had happened? one minute stacking chairs, the next lying a bed in a hospital. Well at least Andy thought it was a minute.

He rang the button for the nurse and asked for a laptop. He had to know what happened. A flustered yet surprised lady rushed into the room holding a very advanced object. Feeling nervous, Andy opened the mysterious thing he was holding. As Andy felt too dizzy and sick to bother to search, he asked the nurse one thing –

“what year is it?”.

The woman quite simply replied “the year 2108 of course”.

Big Andy bolted upright. He was sure something was up but that. No way. Now Andy was ready to find out what happened at least a century ago.

Searching in the strange futuristic machinery he found a link. There was 2 paragraphs he hoped would explain it all. It stated; Chrystal & Hill had an unforgettable accident. A man called ‘Big’ Andy McKenzie was nearly killed after a large pile of office chairs collapsed on him. Since safer mechanisms were not available at the time of the factory went in to meltdown. This led to mass chaos & destruction. The entire building was demolished on 10th July 2017. in it’s place stands a new structure called Empire Rising. The hopes for this building are to revolutionise the world instead of making it a hazard.

Destruction? Meltdown? It was all happening so fast for Andy. He thought his little incident would fade in to history, instead it left a huge dent in time.

He stood up in his hospital gown, ran past the security and into the open street then realised something horrible, he was stuck in the future. Too many things happening at once. Kids whooshing by on Hover Boards, adults on Rocket Boots. So many shops – Hologram Hoarder, Glitch, Time to Travel.

Wait! That was it. Time Travel Time. Big Andy rushed along the street and through the holographic door of the time travel store. He looked around. Buy 1 get 1 free, Free Tryouts. FREE TRYOUTS. He rushed over to the professor and snatched the machine out of his hand. ‘Here I go’ thought Andy.

WHOOSH! What was actually 101 years, passed in a millisecond for Andy. He was just outside the factory. YES! He ran inside. Standing inside Chrystal & Hill he grabbed a company hat to  hide his face from his past self. Still in the nightgown Andy dashed through the doors.

Surrounded by office supplies, he ran to warn his past self. After turning many corners he realised he was lost in a maze of desks and chairs. He looked straight for a way out and saw himself. Cautiously he approached his past self.

As Andy’s younger self reached for the 5th chair the Andy from the future was lost for words. At last, as his past self rached for the 6th chair Andy from the future blurted out “Oi mate! Start the bundle over there instead”. Andy’s future self breathed a sigh of relief. He faded from existence

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