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Used Office Storage

Any busy office needs a selection of different storage options, and if you’re thinking about investing in used office storage we’ve got you covered. Storage is a broad word that covers a number of different pieces of furniture – everything from desk tidies and file binders through to cupboards and filing cabinets, and everything in between. Whatever the storage requirements of your office, we invite you to browse our selection of storage items – we have everything you could possibly need to suit the way you work.

Recommended Storage

As with all of our products, our storage solutions are all made to exacting standards of quality to ensure that you get the best possible value for money. Your storage needs are always going to be developing over time, so we constantly curate the items offer to keep up with the needs of today’s busy offices.

used office storage

  • Multicoloured front
  • Each locker can be programmed with a 4 digit code
  • Comes with key
  • Metal carcass
  • Full instruction manuals included
  • Overall sizes: 1M W x 480CM D x 128CM H
  • Internal sizes: 460CM W x 460CM D x 400CM H
  • Why use recycled office furniture
  • Used desks available
  • £125 + VAT

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