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Used Business Machines

The establishment of a new business can be equal parts inspiring and stressful. While it’s the start of an exciting new venture, there are also plenty of costs to consider as part of the setup process. One of the things new businesses often overlook is their office machine requirements. Used business machines are a great way to ensure a company can run effectively, with anything from printers to shredders and photocopiers an essential for any modern office, while comfortably remaining within your budget.

Why invest in used business technology? If you want to ensure you comply with all paperwork and customer security compliances, used business machines that achieve those goals are essential. But with so many types of technology out there, what is essential and what is extra? These three machines are a must to start any business off on the right foot:

Office Printers

Whatever your business goal or industry niche, printers are essential for your office. Not only do they provide a way to access vital paperwork and information, but the majority of modern office printers also include scanning functionality. This allows for the convenient and practical digitization of incoming paperwork, as well as the ability to keep better records.

For businesses where external paperwork or documentation is a must, from HR contracts to customer information and invoices, a high-quality printer can reflect the quality of your business. Investing in a printer that’s not only hard-wearing but also of excellent quality can provide the best of both worlds. Used printers are the very first piece of technology your growing business should invest in, following the essentials like computers and networking setups.

Our Recommended Printers

Take a look at the recent used multifunction printers we have in stock. The UTAX 7505ci Multifunction Printer is perfect for any office with its high output speeds, allowing for a quicker and smoother running office environment.

used office printers

  • Score points with appealing colour documents
  • Professional paper management
  • Handles large print volume easily
  • High output speeds
  • Customised functionality

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Office Shredders

There are many privacy policies and customer promises that the modern business is required to undertake, including GDPR and other forms of paper-based security protocols. With these rules in place, ensuring you’re vigilant with the safety and security of your company is more vital than ever before. By investing in used document shredders, you can make sure that all company information – and the information of your customer – is safely disposed of within a reasonable budget.

Not to mention, for eco-conscious companies, shredded paper can often be recycled through office schemes to reduce your businesses’ overall footprint. Recycling is a big deal for many companies, and using HSM document shredders to ensure everything can be safely recycled with no risk is one way to maintain that promise. For companies dealing with non-paper waste that needs to be safely disposed of, HSM produces machines for shredding various data storage media: CDs/DVDs, platic credit cards, flash memory, hard drives, etc.

Need to get rid of cardboard? The HSM Profipack range offers a solution for all shipping and storage areas. They perforate used cardboard and make universally usable packaging material which is economical and sustainable. This saves cost and, at the same time, is a sensible and practical contribution to environmental protection.

HSM is committed to the OroVerde tropical rain forest charity and supports these activities to protect wildlife and vegetation as well as climate. It is a small but important step towards the larger goal of preserving the environment for coming generations

Quality with Guarantee:
Three Years Warranty on all HSM SECURIO Shredders
Lifetime Warranty on Solid Steel Cutting Rollers

Our Recommended Shedders

This Reconditioned HSM Classic 225.2 Shredder is a solid and reliable document shredder with powerful 1400 Watt motor and high cutting performance for use in the open-plan office.
Recommended for use by about five to eight people.

used office shredders

  • Cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel with a lifetime warranty
  • Powerful motor allows for continuous operation
  • Automatic return eliminates paper jams
  • Safety element prevents unintentional entry and serves as a splinter shield
  • Light barrier for automatic start/stop
  • Convenient removal and emptying of the removable reusable collection

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Office Photocopiers

For the duplication of materials and the automatic scanning of essential documents, used photocopiers are a must for all businesses looking for affordable office equipment. These multi-function devices offer companies with vital functionalities for anything from full-colour photocopying to simple scanning. While we often think of photocopiers as large, clunky and old-fashioned, the latest versions of these machines are compact, practical and incredibly high-quality.

With many machines having the capability to scan up to high DPI numbers, it’s possible to create like-for-like photocopies and scans of even details drawings and blueprints. The speed of the photocopiers also provides added productivity to the workplace, enabling the creation and scanning of original documents in minutes – even for hundreds of pages worth of information. Investing in used photocopiers is an excellent move for new businesses and one that certainly pays off in the long run.

Are you starting up a business and interested in investing in new business technology? At Chrystal & Hill, we have everything you need to improve productivity in your office and comply with all your business needs. Contact us today to find out more.

Our Recommended Photocopiers

Take a look at the reconditioned Konica Bizhub C258 we currently have in stock. Ideal for any office environment, the used photocopiers have the highest standards of data security, thanks to various security functionalities to reduce the risk of data loss. These reconditioned business machines also have a reduced environmental impact thanks to state-of-the-art technology ensuring competitively low energy consumption – which saves both energy and money.

Paper Formats: A6-SRA3, custom formats and banner format up to 1.2 metres length

used office photocopiers

  • Multi-touch panel
  • Sustainability
  • Interface customisation
  • Versatile finishing
  • Mobility
  • 25/25 ppm in colour and black & white
  • A 9-inch colour touch panel

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