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Hard Drive Shredder

Shred hard drives safely

Shred hard drives and other storage media safely and efficiently with the HSM Powerline HDS 230 hard drive shredder.

Countless amounts of confidential information is stored on our computers, USB sticks, magnetic tapes, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, credit cards and customer cards as well as disks. But what happens to these storage devices when they are no longer required? 

Many are disposed of carelessly:
offered for sale at car boot sales or sold on eBay, the data allegedly being deleted using conventional wiping routines. This is an open invation for the date to be misused; it is extremely easy to restore and retrieve confidential data.

The solution is:

mechanical destruction! The HSM Powerline HDS 230 hard drive shredder shreds digital and magnetic media into tiny particles, making recovery practically impossible.
Safe and efficient to use, Data protection compliant.

Shredding hard drives:HSM_Powerline_HDS230_D_material_hard_disk_2.tifShredding magnetic tapes:HSM_Powerline_HDS230_D_magnetic_tape_1.tif
Shredding CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, credit cards
and customer cards:
Shredding USB sticks:HSM_Powerline_HDS230_D_material_usb_stick_2.tif