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Ziggy Meeting Booth

Ziggy Meeting Booth
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The Ziggy Meeting Booth is available as a 2 or 4 person meeting pod and has been designed to bring people together in a place where ideas, insight and inspiration can be shared. The fully upholstered cushion and back delivers comfort and support with a modern design to create quiet space in today’s collaborative, open office or reception areas and offering a private place for employees to sit and relax, or for teams to meet in seclusion.


  • Choice of small or medium footprint sizes with 2 and 4 seater booths
  • Deep-foamed seat construction with two-tone fabric options
  • Large side screens and sides of the high booth offer effective noise reduction and privacy
  • Option of high or low back booth
  • Perfect for open space environments in offices
  • Practical seating solution for creating a quiet space for meetings, work and study
  • Table tops available in white or summer oak with matching edging

Download the Dams Reception Furniture Brochure hereĀ 

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