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Vinyl Free Standing Screens

Vinyl Free Standing Screens
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Vinyl Free Standing Screens

Vinyl Free Standing Screens are a cost effective, space dividing solution.

Available in a variety of shapes and trim choices used to partition of part of your office or desk.

Choose Your Screen

  • Desk Top
  • Free Standing
  • Straight, Wave or Curve
  • Choice of trims
  • Free Standing
  • Linking Options

Choose your Vinyl 

Vita Vinyl by Camira is a leather-look vinyl, with a subtle surface grain effect and full matt appearance. It provides maximum protection for heavy duty end-use areas a popular choice in sectors such as contract, healthcare and public transport



Desk dividers are sometimes overlooked when it comes redesigning the office. There are many benefits of installing partition screens that you may not be aware of. We have highlighted these below:

Define Work Spaces: Ideal for separating work surfaces, especially within open plan offices, desk dividers can help to provide each employee with a sense of ownership and responsibility over their work area.

Branding, Design and Use of Colour: Office screens can also be used to liven up the work space or express your brand’s personality and values. Use brand colours or have your logo applied to screens to bring your branding into the office.

Security: Strategically placed screens can help to protect sensitive information in open plan and shared offices. You can also opt to install acoustic screens which can help to block out noise pollution from the rest of the office and prevent your employee’s voices from traveling when private phone calls are held.

Break Up the Space: Open plan offices can seem particularly boring, characterless and endless. Desk dividers are a simple way to break up the space and inject some colour. You can also define departments within the office by colour coding the screens.

Practicality: An often overlooked benefit of desk screens is their storage and organisation capabilities. They can also provide employees with increased desk space by holding and storing a number of desk accessories. Choose desk partitions with tool rails to store stationery and files. You can also attach a monitor arm to these rails.


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