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Orangebox Joy Task Chair

Orangebox Joy Task Chair
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Orangebox have manufactured over one million task chairs so one thing they know above all else is the absolute need to produce an intuitive chair that’s quick to adjust and easy to use. The market success achieved by Joy proves this product delivers where many imitators fail.

Success Breeds Success

To meet market demands for an expanded family of product we introduced a Joy high back, to offer a little more status and a mesh back which creates a slimmer, visually lighter solution.

The mesh back is manufactured from 100% recyclable polyester and provides a refined level of breathability which ensures less heat build up. It’s designed with a dual density back to increase support through the lumbar region which, while unique to the mesh product; still balances perfectly with both of the Joy upholstered chairs.

Excel At What You Do

You know the phrase ‘bad craftsman always blame their tools’. At Orangebox they have a simple goal, to provide our customers with the best tools possible.

Continuous ergonomic research and refinement have defined the form, contours and proportions of the Joy mid back, high back and mesh back chairs.

So that irrespective of your own body shape or size or the level of function you select, one thing you can take for granted is the supreme comfort of Joy.
Always striving to be better

With factors such as serviceability and ease of disassembly built in from day one, Joy has always been designed to be environmentally smart.

But they’re always looking to improve and they have now been able to increase the recycled content of the major plastic parts, significantly raising the overall recycled content of a standard chair.

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