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Kastaway High Back Seating by David Fox

Kastaway High Back Seating by David Fox
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Kastaway High Back Seating by David Fox. Kastaway is symbolic to being somewhere tranquil and relaxing opposed to a high pressure environment. The Kastaway landscape furniture collection can be linked together with details or shapes, or used as stand-alone pieces, creating bespoke, flexible furniture solutions that can easily be arranged in a variety of dynamic configurations, making them ideal for employees and small groups to relax or meet informally.


  • Caters for the millennial generation free to work wherever they touch down
  • Comfortable high back soft seating incorporating more homely ribbed details
  • Designed exclusively by international award winning Designer David Fox
  • Designed to transform the working environment into a modern, multi-functional
  • workspace
  • Extend into a modular soft seating soda with add-on units to be positioned central to the starter unit
  • Space for people who prefer to work in a more conventional environment
  • Kastaway Low Back Seating also availableĀ 

Download the full Kastaway catalogue hereĀ 

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