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Bean Bags

Bean Bags
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Bean Bags

Cool Companies Create Comfortable Offices

Bean bags are now becoming prevalent in the most unlikely of places: professional offices.

Improve Productivity with Bean Bags in the following ways:

1. Encourage collaboration and teamwork in the office.
Productivity can improve by promoting collaboration and teamwork. Create a larger office with shared furniture. Oversized bean bags are not only comfortable but can be large enough to accommodate two, three or even four adults.

2. Establish an inspiring office environment.
Give employees a reason to stay in the office rather than going out or going home. When workers are huddled into small, drab cubicles with bright, fluorescent lights and hard furniture, they feel trapped and will leave at the first chance they get. If you provide them with comfortable furniture, interesting surroundings and opportunities for entertainment, they will be more than happy to stay and get some work done.

3. Give workers a chance to be themselves.
No one wants to do something they don’t like or that does not fit their personalities. By providing an assortment of options for furniture, relaxation and stimulation, employees will feel more at home and will appreciate that they can be themselves while working.

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