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Photocopiers New-Reconditioned

Used Office Photocopiers

Our comprehensive range of used office Photocopiers and multi-functional devices make the right document output device for your business within reach. Whether buying or leasing a used photocopier, Chrystal & Hill can provide flexibility to ensure you have a payment plan to suit your business model. Our used photocopiers have been fully refurbished and checked by our team of expert engineers, ensuring that the service history of each machine is accurate and accessible.

Over the 25 years Chrystal & Hill has been consulting on the purchase, installation and maintenance of new and used office copiers and MFPs, we have built up long standing relationships with our clients based on our diligent customer service. We are a service based company and employ no sales people; our role is one of consultation, ensuring that our clients get the right devices functioning at an optimum level.

Refurbished Photocopiers

Although the devices within our range of refurbished copiers have previously been in use, most have been part exchanged due to a client upgrading their system in line with the latest specifications of photocopiers, meaning that they are fully serviced and functional. Not all business operations require the latest in print devices and our refurbished copiers are a cost effective solution to obtaining the document output network you require.

Chrystal & Hill provide a range of attractive finance packages including short or long term hire, leasing and straight purchase options. We can custom design a payment plan to suit your business model, enabling that the cost effective nature of our refurbished copiers is enhanced by synchronising outgoings with your incoming revenue. For more information on any of our refurbished photocopiers or any of our finance packages, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Used MFP

Many of our range of refurbished document output devices are used MFP’s which can perform a number of essential functions, such as printing and fax correspondence. Chrystal & Hill specialise in the maintenance of the devices and also provide consultation regarding software platforms and document management programmes to enhance the performance of your document output devices within an integrated network.

All of our used MFP’s are subjected to close technical scrutiny from our engineers to ensure that they deliver consistent levels of productivity. We guarantee a genuine four hour response time to any technical fault to ensure that your used MFP maintains the level of consistency you require for your business operations. Our philosophy is based on unrivaled customer service and expertise, delivering peace of mind to our clients.