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Develop Ineo 215 Photocopier Black & White

Konica Minolta 215 / Develop ineo 215

The sturdy Develop ineo 215 / Konica Minolta bizhub 215 impresses as a  straight forward black & white copier for every-day copying tasks up to A3  size – but is more than that! Offering extra flexibility, it scores with  standard direct printing and direct scanning capabilities and is the perfect  device for workshops, warehouses, agriculture and crafts enterprises, all of  whom will welcome its attractive price.

The Develop ineo 215 reliably handles all typical copy jobs with fast 21  copies per minute. It delivers the first copy within 8 seconds, even accepts A3  originals, and copies onto A3 size paper – perfect for circuit diagrams,  newspaper clips and facing pages from books or magazines.                                       It’s clearly structured operating panel makes using the Develop ineo 215 a  simple task. Easy operation and logical user guidance ensure a minimum of  settings to produce simple copies. Thanks to its out-of-the box functionality  there is virtually no learning curve, so that infrequent users also get their  desired results right away.