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Post Lockdown Office Life

Post Lockdown Office Life

What will Post Lockdown Office Life look like?

As some companies begin to look towards how they can bring their staff back in to the office after a year of exclusively working from home, there are many concerns for both employers and employees. The concern at the forefront is safety. Now that the vaccine roll out has been ramped up – is it time to think of how you will accommodate everyone again?

The biggest challenge that businesses may have to overcome will be adapting the open office spaces to the new normal of strict personal hygiene and social distancing.

Open Plan Offices

The pros and cons of open plan offices and flexible workspaces have been debated for years. The new risk of this setup potentially allowing dangerous, highly contagious viruses to spread has now come to the forefront of both employers and employees minds.

Aspects of the modern workplace will have to change if employees are to return safely to their desks. Potential short term solutions to this could be a combination of both working from home and the office –  a.k.a. Hybrid Working .

Privacy or Protection?

Workstations were previously used for privacy and acoustics. That private phone call or meeting. Even presentation prep. Now, they represent a much larger requirement for physical separation between colleagues. These additional barriers will surely make people feel more comfortable and safe when returning to the office.

Screens higher than the standard desktop widely used previously, will play an important part in the retro-fitting of office space.


More than 80% of infections caused by viruses and bacteria are transmitted by touch. And as the office desk and equipment is sure to be something that staff come into contact with repeatedly, it’s no surprise that a simple cold can wipe out your entire team for a few days. Now, with Covid a concerning factor it’s those airborne germs we have to worry about too.

As a result, sanitising office equipment, instead of simply using a damp cloth, can be incredibly beneficial for reducing the amount of germs, and keeping your staff healthy.

Your office should be sanitised at the end of each day, or before you start in the morning. This way, you can reduce any bacteria or germs lingering from the day before, and help your employees start work in a safe and sanitary environment.

It’s expected that a phased return to full capacity will take precedence over a mass return. This will give time to get it right. At Chrystal & Hill we’re currently working with our longstanding clients to ensure their workplace is fully ready for the big return.

Protective screens can come in acrylic, patterned, fabric, vinyl. There is a vast array of different materials to choose from. Chrystal & Hill can source a selection of anti-bacterial and bleach cleanable fabrics and vinyl to make the upholstered screens as safe and easy to clean as possible.

Sanitising the entire office overnight couldn’t be simpler. With the SmartMister machine.

Alexandra Ritchie