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Proud To Be New Suppliers of Haiken Furniture

Proud To Be New Suppliers of Haiken Furniture

Chrystal and Hill are Proud To Be New Suppliers of Haiken Furniture. We excited to partner up with the manufacturer as a distributor of their fabulous and innovative furniture.

Haiken have revolutionised office furniture. They are a design company that is fundamentally changing the way the consumer thinks about and uses the furniture that we often spend a large part of our lives in.

They truly believe that the workspace should never be less than inspiring. In their world their is no excuse for dull, samey or purely utilitarian furniture. They believe that the right furniture will bring your brand to life, and, more importantly, make your people more effective by living in it.

They source and commission the most stylish furniture from around the globe, fusing natural materials with technologically advanced thinking and sustainable & environmentally responsible practices.

Their approach is guided by 3 principles. They believe in practicality, they think long term and they believe in the power of good design to positively enrich consumers lives.

Long term thinking is what Haiken is all about – they believe that short term-ism is never the best approach. They see what the do as a virtuous circle – wherever possible what comes out of the earth should go back in to it. They bear this in mind for everything that they do, and everything is done in the most sustainable way possible.

All of this is underpinned by a fundamentally pragmatic approach – great looks and sustainability are nothing unless the product is practical to use. They say at Haiken ‘The Devil is in the detail’ Their view is that it is about the little things t hat all add up – lots of smaller design touches all coming together to make a large positive improvement to comfort, happiness and efficiency.

If you ever thought office furniture was boring, think again. Not in Haiken’s world, which is now Chrystal & Hill’s world too.

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