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Recent Client Furniture Installation

Recent Client Furniture Installation

A Recent Client Furniture Installation completed with fabulously colourful furniture products. Our client Aberlour Trust, based in Stirling are loving the results.

We were given a detailed brief from the client and followed its every detail. They asked for a bright, modern, colourful environment, which matched the colour scheme of their branding. We were excited about this brief as we know that working in an environment like this can increase productivity, staff morale and even staff retention.

After consultation with our suppliers and again with Aberlour Trust we agreed on:

  • Bespoke colourful lockers. Made to the clients exact specification and designed to fit the layout of their space.
  • A boardroom table with Tuba chairs, upholstered to match the colour scheme of the clients branding.
  • In the main office we added to the clients existing desks with high quality 2nd hand tambour units and a new reception desk.
  • In the staff canteen/breakout area the client chose the fabulous Ziggi soft seating pods, again to match the clients colour scheme.

The feedback we have received from our client has been fabulous and we are delighted!

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