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Why Pick the Right Office Furniture?

Why Pick the Right Office Furniture?

Why Pick the Right Office Furniture? A recent YouGov sponsored survey claimed that 79% of potential employees are more likely to want a position if your office is well-designed.

As if this wasn’t enough to encourage employers to pay attention to their interior design, 85% of the people surveyed also agreed that potential clients will base their judgement of a business, on the way their office looks.

Clearly, an impressive and inspiring workspace is vitally important, and every boss should be asking “how do I create the perfect office?”.

The Secret to Effective Office Design

Like all kinds of commercial interior design, office design is really a subtle science. It’s about understanding the way that colours, layouts, and furniture affect psychology. It’s knowing thing like:

Natural or indirect light reduces eye strain and fatigue, making for more productive employees.

A lot of red decor risks making staff less analytical whilst the artful use of blue promotes productivity.

Well integrated break-out spaces invite employees to indulge their creativity.

A properly branded office fosters a sense of community amongst employees and leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Whilst these principles are all valuable when applied correctly, every office will inevitably serve a unique end. This means that all design work should be carried out to ensure that business objectives can be easily met.

In short, creative office design is all about adapting to the requirements of the company that’s using it. It’s also about meeting basic human needs to make sure that staff are comfortable and motivated enough to get on with their job.

Getting the Furniture Right

Whilst it’s tempting to jump on current trends and furnish an office to make it look magazine-worthy, it’s far more useful to think practically when it comes to desks and chairs.

Indeed, these are the most used tools for any employee and deserve to be of the highest quality. This means selecting pieces that are functional as well as nicely designed to ensure there’s no daily frustrations for the workforce to contend with.

It might not be making the headlines, but the art of ergonomics has undergone a quiet revolution in the last twenty years or so. From remastered Herman Miller chairs to properly engineered sit stand desks, it’s never been easier for staff to crack on with their tasks in comfort.

Office Design That Increases Productivity

It’s great to create a home from home for staff, but it’s also crucial that it’s a place where things get done. This means establishing an environment that’s suitably equipped whilst at the same time promoting a general sense of wellbeing.

Studies have revealed that poor office is design has health implications. Specifically, dark and noisy workspaces produce more stress than quieter and lighter ones.

Similarly, a traditional open-plan layout creates a veritable breeding ground for colds.
This all translates to more time off, which translates to a complete plummet in productivity.

To get around this, employers should consider ways that they can introduce flexible workspaces to their office. If, for example, there’s a need for silent spaces, the introduction of acoustic pods will allow staff to get their head down in peace.

Equally, if a company depends on collaboration, an open-plan office is a far more efficient solution than stuffing everyone into soundproofed cubicles.

If employers want to get the most out of their staff, they need to provide them with the right environment. Employers must ensure that everyone who clocks in each morning does so with a smile and not a grimace.

If you’re looking to transform the look and feel of your office, get in touch. Our team can discuss how they can help create your perfect working environment.