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First Impressions Matter so Make Your Reception Area Stand Out

First impressions matter so make your reception area stand out by choosing wisely.

Creating an office space that fuels creativity and promotes productivity for your employees is a must for any business. Creating excellent first impressions on visitors and clients is paramount! You don’t just want to keep your employees happy and productive, you want your initial space to be empowering, inviting, comfortable and appealing.

The office reception area in any working space is where potential clients get their first impression of your business. And first impressions always count. How your space appears has an important impact on how clients and visitors view your company. The importance of sending the right message through your design and product choice is key.

Focal point – A good, sturdy, durable and attractive reception unit is an added organic feature to a functional work space. Eye catching to the visitor and empowering for employees, it’s one thing you should consider seriously when designing your space. Adding your logo colours in to the upholstery of seating and/or incorporating it in to the finishing of your reception counter is a great way to build on your branding presence. People will talk about it once they’ve left the building. Word of mouth from people’s impression of you as a business is a great way to attract return and new business. Add a touch of background music to keep the ambience just right whilst your visitors wait in your professional but welcoming ‘home’.

First Impressions Matter so Make Your Reception Area Stand Out

Chrystal & Hill have experience in helping you on your journey to create the right effect for you. From the initial space planning, all the way to fabric and colour selection and the final install. See our range of products and contact us with your requirements and ideas.

First Impressions Matter so Make Your Reception Area Stand Out

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