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Used Vitra Ypsilon Operator Chair

Used  Vitra “Ypsilon” operator chairs, finished in black fabric with a mesh back.

A brief summary of this superb chair:-

Designed by father and son Mario and Claudio Bellini.

Ypsilon?s most convincing feature is its innovative seating concept. It adapts to the body of the user, follows their movements and provides support without constricting. It can be individually adapted to the size and weight of the user.

Because of its sensitive motion mechanism and extremely wide backward angle, even tilting back in the lounge position becomes a viable working position, where the sitter?s eyes are focused on the screen. The flexible backrest is like a sail. Frameless and fixed only on the corner points, it has a burred texture that encourages pleasant air circulation

                                                                        IMG_1501                                                  IMG_1502

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