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Modernise your office with Ambus Bench

Ambus desk system Bench Desks

Ambus Bench is available with distinctive new rectilinear metal frames or panel ends. Sliding tops, high capacity cable trays and integral cable management are all standard. Metal frames are offered in black, white or zinc, with matching dividing screens.

Ambus Bench offers a full complement of desk, pedestal and storage solutions. Available as a sliding top system, Ambus bench can be adapted to cluster footprints or individual workstations. Comprehensive cable management is incorporated in end frames as standard and optionally in intermediate frames with the use of cable risers. Unsightly cabling can be carried underneath desk tops by integral cable trays.

Ambus Bench desks are offered in a wide range of both Sven MFC and veneer finishes.

Panel end

The panel end variant of Ambus Bench provides the same functionality – sliding tops and comprehensive cable management capabilities – as the metal frame version, but with a more traditional aesthetic. The panels also ensure clean lines by concealing under-desk computer equipment and personal or business clutter. Integral cable management risers are standard in both end panels and intermediate panels in the panel end variant of our bench system.


Metal frame


Bench desks are ideal for touchdown, free-access and hot desking applications. As the worksurface is undivided users may take up as much or as little space as they require. Sliding tops, a large cable tray and comprehensive cable management make Ambus Bench very IT-friendly. For immediate access to power and network connections, we offer a range of desk-mounted sockets.


IT choice

The sliding tops on Ambus bench allow access to a large cable tray, where sockets can be placed and excess cable concealed. Desk mounted power/data sockets may also be provided to give instant plug-in access whilst still allowing the tops to slide. Sliding tops may be locked closed if desired to prevent unauthorised access. Each end frame/end panel incorporates cable risers as standard and intermediate frames/ panels may have cable risers as an option – allowing great flexibility as to where cables enter.


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