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New Office Photocopiers

For the duplication of materials and the automatic scanning of essential documents, new photocopiers are a must for all businesses. These multi-function devices offer companies with vital functionalities for anything from full-colour photocopying to simple scanning. While we often think of photocopiers as large, clunky and old-fashioned, the latest versions of these machines are compact, practical and incredibly high-quality.

With many machines having the capability to scan up to high DPI numbers, it’s possible to create like-for-like photocopies and scans of even details drawings and blueprints. The speed of new photocopiers also provides added productivity to the workplace, enabling the creation and scanning of original documents in minutes – even for hundreds of pages worth of information. Investing in new photocopiers is an excellent move for new businesses and one that certainly pays off in the long run.

Are you starting up a business and interested in investing in new business technology? At Chrystal & Hill, we have everything you need to improve productivity in your office and comply with all your business needs. Contact us today to find out more.

Our Recommended Photocopiers

Needing a new photocopier but just can’t choose which one? We recommend the Canon Image Runner Advance 525iF. Canon’s comprehensive portfolio of image Runner Advance 525iF multifunction printers and integrated solutions can help simplify the end-user experience and management of technology, better control sensitive information and print-related costs, and help ensure that technology investments proactively evolve with changing needs.

new office photocopiers

  • Intuitive touchscreen with smartphone-like usability.
  • A unique, customized experience tailored to individual preferences using My ADVANCE.
  • Supports mobile solutions & integration with cloud services like Google Drive.
  • Scan & convert documents to digital files in a variety of formats.
  • Integration with Canon and various third-party software with embedded application platform.

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