Maintenance Contracts

Have you in the past leased a copier over a 3 year period?

Then been asked to sign a 5 year maintenance contract?

Ask yourself this question “what happens after the lease agreement runs out?”….

Does the maintenance contract finish?…. the simple answer to that is probably NO.

Can you keep your existing machine?…. Only if you want to take out a new lease on it.

Even if you buy a machine from another dealer you will probably still be liable to pay off the final 2 years of the contract, which can in some cases be quite substantial.

It is a way of tying you, the customer, into the contract merry go round of a 3 year lease, 5 year contract.

Offering to waive the maintenance bill to make the quote look better than it actually is? Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get yourself off that merry go round.

Chrystal & Hill only require 30 days notice to cancel if at anytime you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, as we are confident you won’t be!

Our all inclusive service contacts are simple, clear and have no small print.

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We accept these payment methods and can arrange terms on certain products.

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