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Ocee Design

Ocee Design is a UK manufacturer of commercial furniture that operates from a modern production facility in Northamptonshire and showrooms in Northampton and London. Ocee Design is proud to be part of the Ocee International Group of acclaimed international furniture brands, along with Four Design and Race Furniture.

At Ocee Design, we believe that the furniture we design and the spaces we fill should enrich and inspire the lives of the organisations and individuals that use them. Everybody should be able to work, learn, meet or be entertained in the most beautiful, comfortable, creative and productive spaces. This belief is what makes us tick; it reflects our approach to design and manufacturing, the people we hire and how we go about our work. We’ve created a range of furniture solutions and products that are infinitely adaptable and flexible, highly curated to suit a variety of needs, spaces, ambitions and budgets. We cater for a single office to a global HQ, public spaces to co-working spaces, from universities to conference halls, from canteens to libraries, from the back office to the front of house. By focusing on three vital design principles of People. Place. Purpose, our furniture combines unrivalled functionality, ingenious design and the healthy dose of wonder, that shapes good environments into great experiences.

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