A Quiet Space in an Open Plan Office

A Quiet Space in an Open Plan Office

Orangebox Airea 110 Round Meeting Pod

Over 70 percent of workers now work in an open floor plan office. While these workplace designs can be great for encouraging collaboration and creativity, they can also harm productivity and employee well-being.

With Meeting Pods offices can have the best of both worlds—open floor collaboration with the option for private work and meeting spaces. If you’re interested in easily incorporating private spaces into your existing office design, Meeting Pods are the perfect solution for you.

We currently have TWO rarely available Orangebox Airea meeting pods!! These are perfect for providing the opportunity to divide open spaces and create closed or partially closed rooms for up to 4 people! Includes integrated power, lighting and AC.

Employees benefit from having quiet spaces where they can focus on individual tasks without distraction. Introverted employees also benefit from quiet spaces away from open plans that can overwhelm and drain them. Meeting Pods offer an easy solution to the problem of open plan offices. With Meeting Pods you can provide your employees with the space they need to focus and be productive whether it’s alone or in small groups.



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